Soul Tribe classes are designed to challenge every fitness level. From beginner to expert, you will experience a community that guides you, supports you, and inspires you. All classes are open to all levels as long as you promise to listen to your body and do what feels right for you in the moment. There is no competition at Soul Tribe, if you need a childs pose, a water break, a trip to the bathroom, whatever you need, allow yourself to just do it! 



Barre is a 60-minute workout integrating a ballet barre, light free weights and a small ball to tone and sculpt the entire body. The small isometric movements concentrate on one muscle group at a time, working through each area of the body and ending with a deep stretch. Barre results create lean muscles, improved posture, balance and mind-body connection.  



Buti is an Indian Marathi word meaning "a cure that has been hidden or kept secret." The philosophy of Buti Yoga is that every woman has the power to transform and heal her body from within.

Buti Yoga is a 60-minute unique practice incorporating asana fused with primal movement, tribal dance and deep core engagement to stimulate the endocrine system. We will sweat, shake and laugh, moving to loud, energetic beats that will have your heart pumping and your confidence rising with each movement. Please come with an open mind. The volume and choice of music may take some getting used to but trust us, it is unlike any other class you have ever taken. Shed some clothes, leave your ego at the door, and come shake it out with your new tribe.


Buti Express

Buti Express is a shorter 45-minute version of our normal 60-minute class. This class is the perfect way to ease into your Buti journey or an ideal way to squeeze in an intense 45-minute workout!  (Note: It is not required that you participate in a Buti Express class before a Buti 60-minute class.)  


Empower Hour

Empower hour is a 60-minute vinyasa flow style class, focusing on synchronizing our breath to movements while building heat, strength and flexibility in our muscles. This class consists of swift movements with periods of rest in between. Students can expect a cardiovascular and strength-building workout, while awakening their mind-body connection.



A 60-minute slow flow vinyasa flow style class with a longer Savasana (final pose of total relaxation). This class will incorporate meditation, candles and essential oils, channeling our energy inward to restore and revitalize our hardworking bodies and minds. (This class will be added to the schedule in October) 


Core Flow

Core Flow is a 60-minute vigorous vinyasa style class with a focus on deep core engagement, balance and building heat in the body through a breath-based flow. A small ball will sometimes be used to help isolate the core, bringing more awareness to the way we strengthen the muscles of our abdomen.

Freedom Flow

Freedom Flow invites you to move the body with no expectations allowing for self expression and empowering, wholehearted awareness and love of the body. The dance moves through the body, stretching and flowing in a way that will free the body and the mind while still delivering a great workout.