Soul Tribe was created in 2018, by owner and instructor Amanda Lopez. Amanda, born and raised in New Paltz, has always felt deeply rooted here. After several non-fulfilling career paths, Amanda decided to follow her dream and get her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2014. In a month-long experience in Montezuma, Costa Rica Amanda discovered that she had finally found her true passion. After completing her certification, Amanda quickly began teaching at several studios in Westchester, NY, as well as working one on one with private clients. Amanda then received her Barre Certification and began to expand her knowledge and passion of fitness and wellness. After living outside of New Paltz for eight years, Amanda and her family felt pulled back to her roots. She taught at several spaces in New Paltz to expand her client base before setting off on a travel adventure with her husband and three year old daughter. Three months spent traveling in Europe, exploring different yoga studios and fitness methods in new languages and techniques opened her eyes to even more possibilities with her business and developed an even deeper appreciation for yoga and fitness. Shortly after returning back from Europe, Amanda became immersed in a new method of yoga called Buti. She was amazed by the sensual, freeing, empowering feeling the classes gave her and decided she needed to spread this unique technique to more people in her area. After being Buti certified in Naples, FL it was clear to Amanda what the next step in her business should be and that is where Soul Tribe was born. 

Soul Tribe’s mission is to bring people together in a judgement free space where we can work together to empower and uplift each other. We are surrounded by a society that celebrates and breeds competition from a young age. It is liberating and refreshing to break away from this and bring collaboration and community into our lives. Soul Tribe is so much more than a space to workout in; it is a space to come and feel like you can genuinely be you. We will embrace you, uplift you and help you reach your goals. We celebrate every wrinkle, every bit of cellulite, every roll, every tear, every smile and every accomplishment helping each other get closer to our truth. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and try something new will only better you as a person and bring you closer to the people around you who are feeding off your bravery and new found confidence. If we help each other be the best versions of ourselves, imagine the community we could build? Imagine the Soul Tribe we will create!  

Leave your ego at the door, be real, be raw, be you.

This is your Soul Tribe.

We are here to help you sweat and shine!

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