Soul Tribe was built with a lot of love, passion and a mission to create a space to empower and uplift woman. Owner, instructor and New Paltz native, Amanda Lopez wanted to create a space where people could not only get a great workout but more importantly move their bodies freely without judgment or expectation and gain confidence and a love for their bodies. 

As humans we naturally over analyze our bodies, compare ourselves to others and are very critical. Soul Tribe is a space to come let loose, have fun, move your body in ways you might not have felt comfortable doing in any other space and find a genuine community to help support you in this journey. We are a judgment free, no nonsense , no competition studio where we build each other up one class at a time. As we start to feel better about ourselves we can treat the people around us with more love and compassion. 

We understand that time is precious and most of us are balancing several different roles but taking 30-60 minutes a few times a week will make you stronger, happier, more confident and better able to tackle life like the badass, beautiful woman that you are! 

Leave your ego at the door, be real, be raw, be you. Come meet us on the mat and start your journey at Soul Tribe!

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